Our primary territory is the USA's NE states. (ME to NY/PA to VA)
Salesforce's Customer Relationship Management / CRM solution is broken down into several broad categories: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Jigsaw, Collaboration Cloud, Chatter, and Custom Cloud.The business analysis phase of salesforce consulting is the cornerstone of any good salesforce implementation. Many CRM implementations are underutilized or outright fail because the system is not designed to work the way the users are accustomed to. Before any salseforce implementation is done, it is imperative to review the current order process flow, from marketing campaigns, website leads, referrals and other prospect sources as they become leads in the current sales system. Then they can be automatically fed into and progress to the opportunity and account stage based on criteria you select (business rules.) Many times Tidewater Salesforce Consulting Services can recommend features of or related Apps. that can streamline or even automate current processes. This is the ideal time to document the sales and support process so every team member is on the same page and new hires can quickly be brought up to speed on the proper procedures. It also gives management an opportunity to identify any areas that could be more efficient.

Before the salesforce implementation, it is also important to determine what information to capture about each prospect so that it can be tracked through the sales process so reports and dashboards can be created to quickly allow management to view critical metrics about the sales figures and make decisions about what is working and where improvement is needed. It is also critical to output existing accounts, leads and opportunities from your existing systems so that they can be seamlessly imported into the new system by Tidewater Salesforce Consulting Services. Once the business analysis is complete the salesforce implementation can begin.


In 2012 Salesforce was #27 on Fortune's Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For.
Salesforce's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is broken down into several broad categories: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud (including Jigsaw), Collaboration Cloud (including Chatter) and Custom Cloud (including

Note: We are a Salesforce consulting firm providing salesforce training throughout the USA, but focus on cities & states in the Northeast like Hartford Connecticut / CT, Augusta & Portland Maine / ME, Boston Massachusetts / MA (MASS), Portsmouth New Hampshire / NH, Burlington Vermont / VT, and Providence Rhode Island / RI.