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1) Dave and I worked together at Tidewater Salesforce Consulting and over the course of several projects, I acted as one of the Salesforce implementation leads for the organization. I have 10 years of technical Salesforce experience, with several certifications and have since moved to a Sr. Salesforce role with John Hancock in Boston, MA currently helping to support over 6,000 Salesforce users.

Working with Dave was a great experience. Dave would always put customers first, making sure we understood their requirements completely. Only then would we begin to craft Salesforce solutions that were not only technically, but also financially appropriate for our customers. Tidewater Salesforce Consulting’s high customer satisfaction is also one of the reasons that Salesforce itself holds the company in such high regard.

As you may know, the sky is the limit with Salesforce in terms of what can be done with the product. The running joke is that the answer to the question "can we do X with Salesforce...." is always "YES". This is where Dave's extensive business background and Salesforce consulting knowledge came through. Just because we could do something didn't always mean it made sense for the customer, and we counted on Dave to know the difference and to rein in, or in some cases at least phase in, the more complex approaches to Salesforce.
Bob Stables

Technical Lead,
John Hancock in Boston, MA

2) I had the pleasure of working with Dave Boring during the implementation of at ISI Contract Manufacturing. Mr. Boring negotiated an outstanding deal for the product from Salesforce and then took the time to understand our sales process and what we wanted to accomplish before beginning the Salesforce implementation. In less than a week he imported all our customer base data and over 5,000 leads into from lists we had purchased from commercial sources. The leads were automatically assigned to the sales reps in Salesforce based on geographic territory. He then set up all our users and conducted a series of half day Salesforce Training class to get the team excited and ready to go. I highly recommend Dave for any salesforce consulting work you need.

Bill Liscavage –Director of Purchasing and Technology Acquisition
ISI Contract Manufacturing in NY

3) I hired Tidewater Salesforce Consulting to re-engineer our Salesforce Implementation and to perform a number of data migrations into the Salesforce system in 2013. Dave Boring was great to work with – he always explained the pros and cons of the various options available to us in Salesforce and was very responsive to our multiple requests for data import and making changes to the system. The Salesforce implementation went smoothly and Dave worked with us to make sure we chose options that not only fit technically but also fit into our budget. In addition Dave provided Salesforce training so we could understand how to be self-sufficient going forward. Anyone considering a Salesforce Implementation should strongly consider Tidewater Salesforce Consulting for their consulting needs.

Jane M. Johnson, CPA, CMA, CM&AA, CBEC
Richardson-Mauro & Johnson, Inc. in Boston, MA

4) We engaged Tidewater Salesforce Consulting to perform a custom Salesforce Implementation and Training in 2015. They were great to work with and always explained how to perform the required tasks in Salesforce and reviewed the pros and cons of various options in the implementation. Over the course of the project we ran into a number of “road blocks” where the features we needed required special formulas and a custom URL button to be programmed to achieve what we needed. Dave went the extra mile to create these features as well as complex reports and dashboards. If you are planning a Salesforce Implementation or Training you should definitely consider Tidewater Salesforce Consulting.

Cindi Obey Donnellan, BS, MSC
Executive Director
CMO Marketing in Boston, MA


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