Our primary territory is the USA's NE states. (ME to NY/PA to VA)
Tidewater Salesforce Consulting includes training on Business Analysis, Data Migration, and Salesforce Implementation for ALL east coast states including Maine, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, ...After the business analysis is complete, the work of salesforce implementation can begin. This involves customizing input screens to eliminate any unwanted fields and adding new fields as needed for your business model. Tidewater Salesforce Consulting will convert all existing leads and accounts into the system and will also capture business partners, customer service information and any other relevant data that is needed for the new system. Considerable thought must be given to the levels of security desired within the salesforce implementation. For example, should all sales reps see all leads or just the ones in their territory? Should marketing be allowed to make changes to accounts or should that information be “read only” for them?  What is the business hierarchy and how should information flow up to managers inside and outside of the sales and support organizations?

Once these decisions have been made, Tidewater Salesforce Consulting will configure hierarchies and sharing rules through customization of the system to make sure that each individual sees the information necessary to do their job without undue risk to the corporation if someone were to leave. During the salseforce implementation we will also configure reports and dashboards that give individual contributors and managers the slice of information they need to most effectively do their jobs.

During the implementation, it is important that key users of the system be involved to make sure the end result is something they want to use. If the team participates during the process, they will feel a sense of ownership for the implementation and will become advocates for salesforce within your organization. The mark of a successful salesforce implementation is full user adoption of the system. It must make the sales reps jobs easier to do and make them more successful to offset the perception that the system causes loss of control over their accounts and gives too much information to management. Because we have all been successful sales executives in the past, the Tidewater team understands the sales mentality and we get that the reps will be asking “what’s in it for me.” Simply requiring adoption of the system only leads to passive aggressive behavior and resistance to filling fields out accurately. Tidewater can insure that your salesforce implementation is a successful one. was founded in March 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez as a company specializing in software as a service (SaaS).

Note: We are a Salesforce consulting firm providing salesforce training throughout the USA, but focus on small to medium sized businesses in all east coast states: Maine / ME, Vermont / VT, New Hampshire / NH, Massachusetts / MA (MASS), Rhode Island / RI, Connecticut / CT, New Jersey / NJ, Pennsylvania / PA, New York / NY, Delaware / DE, Maryland / MD, Virginia / VA.