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You ask, "What Does Salesforce Do?"Salesforce.com (SFDC) is a suite of CRM products that work together to make today’s corporations function more efficiently and profitably. They touch many functional areas in the company so let’s look at each:

What does salesforce do for the sales organization? SFDC is a contact and pipeline manager that allows sales reps to function more efficiently no matter where they are physically. Not only does the product keep track of all contacts, whether they are leads, opportunities, accounts, partners or competitors, it also integrates tightly with Outlook and other mail clients to sync calendars, and associate emails with the proper contact. Salesforce keeps a record of every time you touch a contact and tracks the next steps in your calendar. When integrated with your website, sales force will become the system of choice for your sales team and they will spend the majority of their computer time here and in Outlook.

What does salesforce do for the customer support team? In a similar manner, SFDC also keeps track of customer support issues and tracks them through to resolution with escalation rules based on elapsed time and the importance of each client. This ensures higher customer satisfaction because issues do not fall through the cracks and problems are automatically escalated to level 2 support, development and then management if they are not fixed in a timely manner. Extensive reporting is also available so management can track problem areas in products and address them as necessary.

What does salesforce do for marketing? SFDC Professional Edition and above allows the creation and tracking of marketing campaigns so the marketing team can create, implement and track each campaign to measure it’s success and automatically feed leads to the sales team. It also allows mass emails to be sent to prospect lists or existing contacts to keep in contact with your sources of revenue. Web-to-lead is available in all editions except the contact manager and sends web inquiries directly to the sales rep responsible for immediate follow up and tracking of the lead source and success rate.

What does salesforce do for management? Salesforce has extensive reporting capabilities and visual dashboards that give management visibility into what’s happening in sales, support and marketing. They can immediately see what’s working and what needs improvement and accurately forecast sales revenue based on criteria they establish. Because SFDC captures all the details of every deal, support issue and marketing campaign, managers can see when they need to get involved in certain situations and improve outcomes.

What does salesforce do about training? The support and training capabilities of SFDC are the most robust in the industry. The answer to almost any question a user might have is contained in the help facility online and many times there is an associated video to walk the user through the situation. There is also a large online user community and user groups to share best practices, tips and traps. Of course, there is no subsititute for formal up-front training for your users which is available from Tidewater Salesforce Consulting at very reasonable rates.

What does salesforce do to integrate with other applications? The salesforce AppExchange is a huge marketplace of products that allow SFDC to integrate with other popular systems to extend its functionality. Many of the interface Apps are free or are available for a small monthly fee, depending on complexity and functionality. Stand-alone applications that interface with salesforce usually cost more money. From quoting systems to automated marketing and social media tools to you name it, chances are there is an App for that.




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One of Salesforce's modules, called the Sales Cloud, provides sales representatives with a customer profile and account history, allows the user to manage marketing campaign spending and performance across a variety of channels from a single application, tracks opportunity-related data including milestones, decision makers, customer communications, and other information unique to the company's sales process. Automatic email reminders can be scheduled to keep teams up to date.